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Grense Jakobselv

On the shore of the Arctic Ocean, you will find the small settlement called Grense Jakobselv. Only a narrow

river separates the rich border settlement from the Russian guards. The settlement is a very popular

tourist spot both summer and winter. Grense Jakobselv is situated 60 km from Kirkenes.

How to get til Grense-Jakobselv

by car: from Kirkenes along road No E6 in direction Hesseng. After 4 km at the crossing to the left, follow the sign Grense Jakobselv. On your way you will also pass the Norwegian-Russian border crossing point.

Way to Grense Jakobselv has the No 886.
The way is rich on nature experience and you will see the Jarfjord, you will cross the Jarfjord-mountains before you are driving down to the Valley. The way down in the valley follows the river all the way to the ice ocean (Barents Sea). It is an asphalt way but the last 10 km are without asphalt. Nevertheless the way is in good condition. In wintertime the way is closed from Vintervollen and Grense Jakobselv can only be visited by snowmobile.
by bus: only in summer (end of june until end of august). For more information contact bus company FFR, phone +47 78 99 39 70 or



Sights in Grense Jakobselv

King Oscar II’s Chapel

Stone church dating back to 1869, erected as border protection against Russia.


Prestestua (The priest house)
from 1867.


Grense Jakobselv

Salmon river where the maximum number of fishing licences issued is 30 per day. Only Norwegian citizens

are allowed to fish here because the river borders on Russia.


Fotefar mot nord

Grense Jakobselv is one of the areas taking part in the countrywide project “Footprints in the North”.

No accomodation in Grense Jakobselv!
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