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Pasvik Valley

The Pasvik Valley stretches about 100 km southwards in the municipality, and forms a wedge between Russia in the east and Finland in the west. The Pasvik River constitutes most of the 196 km long border towards Russia. Pasvik is known for its flora and fauna with many eastern species of plants and birds that do not exist elsewhere in the country. Norway’s largest bear population lives in Pasvik. In the valley you find also the National Park "Øvre Pasvik".

How to get to Pasvik Valley

by car: from Kirkenes E6 in direction Hesseng. Follow the signs to Pasvikdalen, road no 885. The way ends in Nyrud after 100 km, along the road you pass the settelments Svanvik (40km), Skogfoss (58 km) and Vaggatem (89km). The landscape is nice and the road goes through green forest and along the Pasvik river. The road has asphalt and is open all year round.
by buss: For more information conatct buss company  FFR on phone +47 78 99 39 70 or


Sør-Varanger Museum – Museum at Strand
A characteristically log structured building and boarding school from 1905. Today, the museum features the wildlife, historical and cultural exhibits of the area. Open on request.
Tel: +47 78 99 48 80 Fax: +47 78 99 48 90


Bioforsk Svanhovd på Svanvik
Experience Svanhovd botanical garden and Øvre Pasvik National park center.
Welcome to Bioforsk earth and enviroment, Svanhovd
Open in summer: 08.00-20.00 (10.00-20.00)
Open in winter: 09.00-15.00 (on weekdays)
Tel: (0047) 464 13 600, Faks: (0047) 78 99 56 00

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Sør-Varanger Museum - Bjørklund farm
The development of land used by the Norwegian immigrants in the 19th century. Open on request.

Tel: +47 78 99 48 80 Fax: +47 78 99 48 90



Svanvik Chapel
Wooden chapel erected in 1934 as a cultural border protection against Finland.

Height 96 (Høyde 96)
Enjoy the view from a former
military observation tower from the cold war. You can see Nikel in Russia and huge parts of the Pasvik valley. Many observations of bears and special birds from the tower during the summer. Mini café with sale of coffee / waffles and a big selection of special souvenirs. Open in summer (june-august).
Sør-Varanger’s most visited attraction.
Phone: +47 78 99 50 80  Fax: +47 78 99 50 57


Sør -Varanger
Museum - Bjørnehiet

Visit a real bear’s lair! Signposted trail from Strandkrysset.

Sør-Varanger Museum – Namdalen
Norwegian Settler’s farm, now abandoned. Marked trails from Langvasseid, Firkantvann (lake) and Strand.

The Vaggatem prison camp

Restored POW camp where Russian prisoners of war were held during World War II.

German radio compass station at Kobfoss

German Radio Compass station can be seen. The station was in use from spring 1942 to autumn 1944.

Øvre Pasvik National Park

Here you will find one of the country’s largest original forests. The pine forest is said to be a north-western

offshoot of the Siberian taiga. The plant and animal life has several eastern specimens, which you

do not find or which are highly unusual in the rest of the country.

Tlf: +47 464 13 600

Treriksrøysa (Tri-national Border Marker)

A marked point where the national borders of Norway, Russia and Finland meet. Accessible via a marked trail, but it is strictly prohibited to walk around it!

The Pasvik River

Norway’s second largest river originates from the large Lake Enare in northern Finland. It is a good river

for fishing with 15 registered fish species. Before the building of a total of seven hydro-power stations

on both the Norwegian and the Russian side, there used to be a lot of salmon in the river. Fishing is not

allowed for non-Norwegians here since the river is part of the border with Russia.




Øvre Pasvik Kafe and Camping
Located at Vaggatem by road 886, 90 km from Kirkenes. Log cabins for 2-4 persons. Shower/toilet/sauna in one building. Rental of cabin in and outside Øvre Pasvik National park. Canoe and bicycle rental.
Tel: +47 78 99 55 30 Fax: +47 78 99 70 25
Mob: +47 971 85 145

BIRK - husky, natur & mat

Rental of comfortable cabins in Pasvik. Sleep 2-13. Sauna and boat. Unique possibilities for hunting, fishing and outdoor life. We also offer meals and activities in connection with the cabin rental. Melkefoss. Tel: +47 78 99 56 08 Mob: +47 909 78 248





Bioforsk Svanhovd
Svanhovd conferance center offers accomodation with sauna in quite and beautiful natural surroundings

Experience Svanhovd botanical garden and Øvre-Pasvik national park center
Welcome to Bioforsk earth and enviroment, Svanhovd
tlf: (0047) 464 13 600
faks: (0047) 78 99 95 600


Places to eat

BIRK - husky, natur & mat

Lavvo (Sami tent) adventure in the border country. Spacious lavvo with place for 10-50 persons in Svanvik and Height 96. Meals served for small groups in a small and cosy wooden lavvo in Melkefoss, 2-12 persons. Meals served outdoors and catering on request. Traditional food from Sør-Varanger, based on local ingredients. On request. Melkefoss.
Tel: +47 78 99 56 08 Mob: +47 909 78 248


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